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  • Services Offered

    Fabkomp is able to manage a full scale Just-In-Time supply service for OEM’s. Our current line supply and logistics site has been operational for more than 6 years.

    Fabkomp manufactures a large number of components for OEM localization projects. We have the ability to supply parts directly to the line at OEM level. We can meet any finish requirement whether it be painted, passivated or powder coated. We manufacture and assemble chevron boards and wiring looms for trucks as well as supply suzi hose kits. This allows the Manufacturer to bring in a fully built up unit and then move towards a greater number of locally supplied parts in time. Where we do not manufacture the parts ourselves, Fabkomp manages the local suppliers, stores and line supply for the OEM Commercial division. Our software is able to integrate into the existing OEM software allowing for seamless information integration. We currently have offices and stores on site at some OEM’s with staff managing this process directly in the plant.

    We also have an on-site workshop in plant to manage the daily and scheduled maintenance of line supply trollies, jigs, tugs etc.
    Fabkomp provides detailed feedback to plant maintenance management on the work carried out as well as downtime of each trolley.

    Fabkomp is currently busy with the fabrication of parts pallets for OEM production cells. These pallets are manufactured to the OEM specifications and have extremely small tolerances due to their applications in robotic cells for part manipulation robots. The pallets are able to fold away after the parts have been removed and then reconfigured for the next load of parts. Each pallet is closely monitored by our in house quality personnel under our ISO IATF16949 quality system. We make use of our laser measuring station to compare the completed pallet directly against the CAD drawing. Each pallet is bar coded for traceability.

    Fabkomp is also able to offer a satellite tracking option for pallets or equipment within the plant. This allows the asset manager to log on and track in real-time the location of any pallet or parts supply trolley.

    We use 3D printing to rapidly design and develop parts. Our 3D printer allows us to manufacture small parts in a matter of hours and then physically inspect or use them to achieve greater customer satisfaction. We here hereby able to meet your needs perfectly before beginning full scale production bringing you peace of mind throughout the process.