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Fabkomp has been in business since 1988. We have a full design office to complement our manufacturing abilities. This allows us to offer turnkey solutions to clients.
Our design office is capable of producing 3D CAD drawings for the client enabling us to sit with the client before fabrication begins so that we can reduce the time from concept to solution.

Fabkomp is able to offer both job-in solutions as well as large production runs.
With a robot welding station we can achieve high tolerances and we are currently supplying parts pallets to some OEM’s for their robotic stations in the plant.
Our existing quality systems allow us to track and trace work in the system as well as introduce running changes or monitor system upgrades.

Our body building division also makes use of 3D CAD design which allows for parts nesting on our lazer cutter thus enabling us to reduce costs for the client. Parts repeatability is made easier due to our large drawing database.

  • Commercial Vehicle Market
    • Ambulances
    • Clinics
    • Drop Side Bodies
    • 6M3 Tippers
    • 10M3 Tippers
    • Drop Side Tippers
    • Van Bodies
    • Roll Backs
    • Water Tankers
    • Vacuum Tankers
    • Flat Decks
    • Fitment of Tow Couplers
    • EMS Lights and Siren
    • 2 Way Radios
    • Decals
    • Steel fuel tanks
    • Livestock Bodies
    • Semi Trailers
    • Draw Bar Trailers
    • A full range of air receivers for braking systems
    • Fuel tank brackets/consol’s
    • Chevron board assemblies with and without lights
    • 5th Wheel Base Plates and Ripple plates
    • Insect/stone screens to protect radiators
    • General brackets used in the chassis to mount exhaust; radiators; prop-shafts and cab mounts etc
    • Seat components
    • We would like to supply cross members and the brackets supporting the cross members




  • General Parts and Products
    • Part stillages
    • Robotic Cell Pallets
    • Trolleys
    • Component racks
    • Trailers
    • Waste skips
    • Refuse bins
    • Machining
    • Refuse Compactors
    • Re-furbishing of products and parts
    • Base Plates for 5th assembly
    • Fabricated parts
    • Rolling stock assemblies
    • Eskom butterfly canopies
    • Pipe bending
    • General engineering and fabrication
    • Compactor parts